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Details of (RNA related Enzymes and Inhibitors) RNase Inhibitor
Description40 U/µL Recombinant RNase inhibitor that effectively binds (Kd of ~ 20 fmol) and inhibits RNases such as RNases A, B, and C by non competitive binding. We purify this inhibitor by a 5 step purification protocol to guarantee that it is free of any nucleases. Traces of radiolabeled DNA and RNA are incubated with each batch for 4 hours at 37°C and tested for degradation.
Purity>99% (SDS PAGE)
Quantity2500 U and 10.000 U
Statementresearch purposes only - not for human use
Shippingon ice
Storage-18° to -25°C
Applicationin vitro use only; inhibition of RNases

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